2017 Names

2017 Names

Postby bare it all » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:36 pm

Digging around in the Kee Nov sale and seeing a few of these '17 babies named!

Filly Wisely to Fair Uncle Mo x My Fast One
Filly Wisdom of God New Year's Day x Level Headed
Colt Windy Channel English Channel x Angel in the Wind
Filly Widow of Nain Kitten's Joy x Cap
Filly Wicked Wonderwoman Wicked Strong x Evening Cocktail
Filly Tudi Gone Shanghai Bobby x Quality Pearl
Colt Strum M B Tapizar x Long N Lanky
Colt Steady Cat Congrats x Kittylicious
Colt Start From Scratch Discreet Cat x Curlin's Needle
Filly Square Peg Fusaichi Pegasus x Willowy Wendy
Colt Sour Kicks Bayern x Lemonsina
Colt Simbo Violence x My Uptown Gal
Colt Shackatude Shackleford x Yawm Estoora
Filly Sea Sparrow Bayern x Lakeville
Colt Ruling Maclean's Music x Questmet
Filly Raggedy Annie Union Rags x Eye Candy Annie
Colt Quicken Thou Me Animal Kingdom x Oh Glory Be
Colt Queso New Year's Day x Second Street City
Colt Paradise Valley Graydar x Panorama Valley
Filly My Heart Sings Kitten's Joy x Seeking the Heart
Filly Miss Malice Palace Malice x Miss Prytania
Filly Miss Boomer Babe Mr Speaker x Guess the Dance
Colt Mega Millions Bodemeister x Winning Bet
Colt Mean War Machine Declaration of War x Flatbow
Filly Kisses for Tizzy Strong Mandate x Walkinforkisses
Filly Jazzy Lady Cairo Prince x Bebop
Filly J P's Model Lea x Chainsmoknsuprmodl
Filly Imwaytoocoolforyou Tiznow x Mini Sermon
Filly Glory Dia Dialed In x Barb's Glory
Colt First in Line Uncle Mo x Front in Line
Colt Does Not Stop Cross Traffic x Magna's Star
Colt Disciple Artie Schiller x Good Shepherd
Colt Diamond Palace Palace x Up a Notch
Filly Deep Diver Daredevil x Rough Water
Colt Classic Finish The Factor x Sweetest Smile
Filly Causeway Chrome Karakontie (JPN) x Broad Causeway
Filly Boynton Beach Graydar x Atlantic Rainbow
Filly Bobbiecouture Violence x Ecouter
Colt Badge of Courage Honor Code x Eden's Storm
Colt Answered Prayer Kitten's Joy x Prayed For
Colt All for Fun Union Rags x Where Woody Bea
Filly A Ring Thing The Factor x I'm Engaged
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Re: 2017 Names

Postby starrydreamer » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:58 pm

Acronyme (IRE) - f. War Front x Lady Zuzu
Advertise - f. War Front x Easter (IRE)
Be All You Can Be - f. War Front x Homesteading
Blazing Beau (IRE) - f. War Front x My Dark Rosaleen (RB)
Discern - f. Tapit x Lacadena
Fashionably - f. War Front x Don'tforgetaboutme
Fly Fight Win - f. War Front x Doo Lang
Food and Wine - c. War Front x Wishing Gate
Furrow - f. Kitten's Joy x Broad Pennant
Global Brand - f. War Front x Marketing Mix
Lasy W - f. War Front x Zaftig
Mrs Danvers - f. Tapit x Gracie Square
Rocket Blast - c. Curlin x Superior Selection
Storyteller - c. Super Saver x Educating
This Just In - f. War Front x Verdura
U S Army Corps - c. War Front x Let's Misbehave (IRE)
U S Army Flag - c. War Front x Photograph
U S Pacific Fleet - c. War Front x Homebound
Winged Victory - f. War Front x Feathered
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Re: 2017 Names

Postby Sparrow Castle » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:44 pm

Food and Wine - c. War Front x Wishing Gate

So sad for Glen Hill Farm to lose this wonderful mare after foaling this one. Hoping Food and Wine and her 2016 War Front filly named Summering are very successful!

Global Brand - f. War Front x Marketing Mix

Had to go back and look at the picture of this one he recently posted.
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Nov 18
Weanling filly “Global Brand” (War Front/Marketing Mix).

Winged Victory - f. War Front x Feathered

This name is perfect!
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