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Postby Treve » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:36 am

Flanders wrote:
Treve wrote:Was Wonder Woman/Diana Prince taken?

Both of those names would be considered copyrighted material and not be allowed to be used. The only way you could get around it is if you knew a real person named Diana Prince and she gave you written permission to use her name.

According to pedigreequery there have been 10 horses named Wonder Woman with the earliest being in 1936 and the most recent being 2013.
None named Diana Prince, though.

For fun I checked, there's likewise two dozens of Batmans (only one Bruce Wayne from 2014) and a similar number of Supermans (5 Clark Kents including two from 2011 but one is from USA and one from Turkey). I also tried a bunch of disney characters/movies (cause they're notoriously draconian about copyright in a way DC isn't) and there were horses for all including some as recent as the early 2000s. I'm not sure copyright is an issue - I thought only names of real people were (unless express written permission).
A filly named Ruffian...

Eine Stute namens Danedream...

Une pouliche se nommant Trêve...

Kincsem nevű kanca...

And a Queen named Beholder
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