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Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:13 pm
by tachyon
Cheval Grand(JPN), 2012H. Heart's Cry(JPN) x Halwa Sweet(JPN) by Machiavellian(USA), captured his first G1 victory in this year’s Japan Cup 2400m turf at Tokyo where he deprived race favorite Kitasan Black(JPN) from a back-to-back win, on November 26th 2017.


-- replay (English)
1st 1 Cheval Grand(JPN)[Heart's Cry(JPN) x Halwa Sweet(JPN) by Machiavellian(USA)] H5 57 02:23.7
2nd 2 Rey de Oro(JPN) [King Kamehameha(JPN) x La Dorada(JPN) by Symboli Kris S(USA)] C3 55 02:23.9
3rd 4 Kitasan Black(JPN)[Black Tide(JPN) x Sugar Heart(JPN) by Sakura Bakushin O(JPN)] H5 57 02:23.9
4th 11 Makahiki(JPN) C4 57 02:24.6
5th 14 Idaho(IRE) C4 57 02:24.7
6th 9 Rainbow Line(JPN) C4 57 02:24.7
7th 8 Soul Stirring(JPN) F3 53 02:24.9
8th 16 Yamakatsu Ace(JPN) H5 57 02:25.0
9th 3 Guignol(GER) H5 57 02:25.0
10th 12 Satono Crown(JPN) H5 57 02:25.2
11th 13 Sciacchetra(JPN) C4 57 02:25.2
12th 5 Sounds of Earth(JPN) H6 57 02:25.2
12th 10 Boom Time(AUS) H6 57 02:25.2
14th 17 Last Impact(JPN) H7 57 02:25.3
15th 6 Iquitos(GER) H5 57 02:25.5
16th 15 One and Only(JPN) H6 57 02:25.7
17th 7 Decipher(JPN) H8 57 02:26.0

-- JRA results

Cheval Grand's dam Halwa Sweet(JPN) has now produced three individual G1 winners with the sons of Sunday Silence(USA) adding to her filly foals Verxina(JPN) and Vivlos(JPN), both by Deep Impact(JPN).
Her 3rd dam is the legendary Glorious Song(CAN).
Cheval Grand(JPN) is owned by ex-MLB pitcher ''Dai-Majin'' Kazuhiro Sasaki who also had Verxina(JPN) and Vivlos(JPN).

-- Cheval Grand(JPN) (Heart's Cry)

-- Heart's Cry(JPN) : 2001H. Sunday Silence(USA) x Irish Dance(JPN) by Tony Bin(IRE)

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:14 am
by tachyon
Gold Dream(JPN), 2013C. Gold Allure(JPN) x Mont Vert(JPN) by French Deputy(USA), stormed home under Ryan Moore to win the G1 Champions Cup 1800m dirt at Chukyo on December 3rd 2017.

He became the third horse in history to capture JRA's two dirt G1 races (the February Stakes and the Champions Cup) in the same year following Wing Arrow(JPN)(Assatis) in 2000 and Transcend(JPN)(Wild Rush) in 2011.


Gold Dream

-- replay (English)
1st 9 Gold Dream(JPN) [Gold Allure(JPN) x Mont Vert(JPN) by French Deputy(USA)] C4 57 01:50.1
2nd 13 T M Jinsoku(JPN) [Kurofune(USA) x My Discovery(JPN) by Forty Niner(USA)] H5 57 01:50.1 NK
3rd 1 Copano Rickey(JPN) [Gold Allure(USA) x Copano Nikita(JPN) by Timber Country(USA)] H7 57 01:50.2 NK
4th 2 K T Brave(JPN) C4 57 01:50.4 1 1/4
5th 11 Awardee(USA) H7 57 01:50.5 1/2
6th 3 Mitsuba(JPN) H5 57 01:50.5 NK
7th 12 Kafuji Take(JPN) H5 57 01:50.6 1/2
8th 10 King's Guard(JPN) H6 57 01:50.6 NK
9th 4 Nonkono Yume(JPN) G5 57 01:50.7 1/2
10th 8 Glanzend(JPN) C4 57 01:50.7 NS
11th 14 Sound True(JPN) G7 57 01:50.7 NS
12th 16 Rose Princedom(JPN) C3 56 01:50.8 1/2
13th 6 Molto Bene(JPN) H5 57 01:50.9 1/2
14th 5 Meisho Sumitomo(JPN) H6 57 01:51.0 1/2
15th 7 London Town(JPN) C4 57 01:51.9 5
15 Apollo Kentucky(USA) H5 57

-- JRA result

The passing of Gold Allure(JPN) earlier this year is a big loss to the Dirt racing in Japan indeed...

Gold Allure(JPN) : 1999 - 2017(Feb)

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:49 am
by tachyon
Lucky Lilac(JPN), 2015F. Orfevre(JPN) x Lilacs and Lace(USA) by Flower Alley(USA), won the G1 Hanshin Juvenile Fillies 1600m turf at Hanshin and stretched her winning streak to three on December 10th 2017.
The unbeaten filly became the first G1 winner for the first-crop-sire Orfevre(JPN).


-- replay (Japanese)
1st 11 Lucky Lilac(JPN) [Orfevre(JPN) x Lilacs and Lace(USA) by Flower Alley(USA)] F2 54 01:34.3
2nd 7 Lily Noble(JPN) [Rulership(JPN) x Pure Chaplet(JPN) by Kurofune(USA)] F2 54 01:34.4 3/4
3rd 4 Mau Lea(JPN) [Deep Impact(JPN) x Buy the Cat(USA) by Storm Cat(USA)] F2 54 01:34.5 1/2
4th 8 Tosen Bless(JPN) F2 54 01:34.9 2 1/2
5th 16 Molto Allegro(USA) F2 54 01:35.0 3/4
6th 2 Lathyros(JPN) F2 54 01:35.2 1 1/4
7th 3 Gulielma(JPN) F2 54 01:35.2 NS
8th 12 Social Club(JPN) F2 54 01:35.3 1/2
9th 18 Rock This Town(JPN) F2 54 01:35.4 3/4
10th 6 Mademoiselle(JPN) F2 54 01:35.5 NK
11th 14 Noble Earth(JPN) F2 54 01:35.5 NK
12th 13 Tosen Amber(JPN) F2 54 01:35.6 1/2
13th 17 Cordierite(JPN) F2 54 01:35.8 1
14th 1 Sayakachan(JPN) F2 54 01:35.8 NK
15th 9 Regle d'Or(JPN) F2 54 01:36.0 1
16th 10 High Heel(JPN) F2 54 01:36.0 NK
17th 5 Las Emociones(IRE) F2 54 01:36.2 1
18th 15 Nadia(JPN) F2 54 01:36.5 2

-- Race result by JRA:
''Lucky Lilac Is Top Two-Year-Old Filly Claiming Hanshin Juvenile Fillies Title''

Orfevre(JPN): 2008h. Stay Gold(JPN) x Oriental Art(JPN) by Mejiro McQueen(JPN)
standing at Shadai Stalion Station

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:47 pm
by lurkey mclurker
Can I just say it was interesting trying to follow THREE chestnut fillies with white blazes through that race??? :lol: I wasn't quite sure at first who was Social Club, Rock This Town or Lucky Lilac and I knew who the winner was before I watched. :lol:

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:08 pm
by BaroqueAgain1
Whatever faults American racing may have, our colored saddle towels are wonderful. Wish the rest of the world would adopt them. :lol: Trying to follow horses in the huge Japanese fields is a strain on MY eyes, and their habit of having the camera scan back through the field during a race is not helpful. :?
Why would you take the camera off the front of the field so you can show close-ups of the back markers? I can remember an instance when there was a potential foul by one of the front runners, but no one in the TV audience could see it. Late charges, winning moves, close often happens off-screen while the camera pans down the whole field.
Why? Why aren't we seeing the whole field at once? :roll:

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:30 pm
by lurkey mclurker
When I've watched it's been a split screen, with the field on top (though from afar & small) while the camera pans down from front to rear. It does make it hard to see sometimes when a stalker starts their run, or if there's pinching/bumping/turbulence.

This time it didn't help, either, that all three fillies were in Sunday Racing silks and the only way to differentiate was by cap color (green, pink & white) or *if* you could see the number. :lol:

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:11 pm
by BaroqueAgain1
In my experience, there is often a split screen, but for only part of the race. When the field approaches/rounds the last turn, that split screen disappears. We are then 'treated' to the rundown of the whole field, from front to last, even though losing sight of the front runners is not, IMHO, a very good idea. :roll:

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:52 am
by Ridan_Remembered
I'm delighted to see Orfevre get a G1 winner in his first crop.

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:03 am
by tachyon
Danon Premium(JPN), 2015C. Deep Impact(JPN) x Indiana Gal(IRE) by Intikhab(USA), won the G1 Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes 1600m turf at Hanshin to stay unbeaten at 3 for 3 on December 17th 2017.


-- replay (English)
1st 1 Danon Premium(JPN) [Deep Impact(JPN) x Indiana Gal(IRE) by Intikhab(USA)] C2 55 01:33.3
2nd 10 Stelvio(JPN) [Lord Kanaloa(JPN) x L'Archetto(JPN) by Falbrab(IRE)] C2 55 01:33.9 3 1/2
3rd 3 Tower of London(JPN) [Raven's Pass(USA) x Snow Pine(GB) by Dalakhani(IRE)] C2 55 01:33.9 NK
4th 5 Keiai Nautique(JPN) C2 55 01:33.9 NS
5th 12 Danon Smash(JPN) C2 55 01:34.0 3/4
6th 8 Fast Approach(JPN) C2 55 01:34.0 NK
7th 11 Cassius(JPN) C2 55 01:34.1 NK
8th 2 Frontier(JPN) C2 55 01:34.4 1 3/4
9th 14 Double Sharp(JPN) C2 55 01:34.4 NK
10th 6 Asakusa Genki(USA) C2 55 01:34.8 2 1/2
11th 15 K T Clever(JPN) C2 55 01:34.8 NS
12th 4 Right on Cue(JPN) C2 55 01:35.0 1 1/4
13th 9 Muscoloso(JPN) C2 55 01:35.1 NK
14th 13 Iron Claw(JPN) C2 55 01:35.5 2 1/2
15th 7 Hishi Cosmah(JPN) C2 55 01:35.7 1
16th 16 Ishimatsu(JPN) C2 55 01:36.9 7

-- result (JRA)
''Undefeated Danon Premium Claims Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes in Record Time''

Danon Premium(JPN)

Re: The rise of Sunday Silence

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:06 pm
by lurkey mclurker
Ugh, ignore all that, I was thinking of the newcomer race that Gibeon (Deep Impact x Contested [Ghostzapper]) won, with the #2 Istvan bottled up with nowhere to go until too late. *facepalm*

*edit key smash*