Justify vs AP at stud

Re: Justify vs AP at stud

Postby BaroqueAgain1 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:42 pm

He's got a nice, deep shoulder and chest. Hindquarters look strong. Can't find much wrong with him. ;) 8-)
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Re: Justify vs AP at stud

Postby Treve » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:19 am

He's an undefeated TC winner as of now, but where does that leave him if he loses against older males, or even up and coming 3yos down the line. What if he loses the classic or the PWC?
It's a little too early to call 200k, if the first TC winner in 37 years with ideal confo, 8 G1 wins out of 9, 9 Graded stakes wins out of 10 from an emerging branch of a well established sireline couldn't fill his book at 200k.
I still think 100-125k is more likely. I could see maybe up to 150k as the advertised fee with the 'real' fee being lower.

That yearling photo isn't a proper confo photo but he's slightly over at the knee there, long pasterned in the front, a little post-y in the back (things that could have changed as he's grown). He's also a little cow-hocked and toed out in the back in his yearling sales video or seems to be, especially while walking away at the end. But those things might have corrected as he's grown.

I do remember thinking he looked a little post-legged in the hind in some photos I've seen earlier on during his campaign but it's hard to say with photos that weren't caught with the intent of showing conformation. I don't see anything glaringly wrong or bothersome from the knees up though. His head is a little coarse maybe but that's aesthetic. He's got a nice hip, nice back, nice loin, good chest. Nice proportions. His shoulder maybe not a sloping as I'd like based on that yearling photo.

ETA: his shoulder looks better in those side view photos of him. But he's still post-legged in the back (from his stifle down to his pasterns) and his pasterns are too long in the front, still looks a little oatk. He's a bit longer hipped than I thought but I stand by everything else I said - he's got a great chest, nice proportions, nice loin, nice back and while long his hip is far from weak.
Also he's only 3yo so those pasterns could improve as tbs sometimes look long pasterned while they're still young and running but grow into them. Not sure it's likely in his case since his yearling photo showed the same thing (and the same disparity between his front and hind pasterns)
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Re: Justify vs AP at stud

Postby CoronadosQuest » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:19 am

Getty Images / New York Post

Not the best but close lol
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Re: Justify vs AP at stud

Postby bare it all » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:04 am

I haven't seen Justify in the flesh, but I can confirm that Pharoah is one of the most well-conformed horses I've ever laid eyes on. Not that my eyes have seen a lot of horse, but you know when one looks "amazing" when you see it. Everything about him is in-sync and balanced. Think "starting pitcher" sort of build. The perfect mechanics produce the speed and stamina. Even at a walk, he just glides without wasted motion. He's not an imposing individual and I think that matches well with almost any mare physically - add in the race record and the stallion line and he has all the makings of a stallion. He female family is his "weakness" - if you could call it that.

Justify I haven't seen in the flesh. From photos, he looks more like a imposing brut sort of horse. Muscle on muscle. Like a big runningback - the power producing the speed moreso than perfect mechanics. Like Curlin, perhaps? Bred to the right physical of mare, he could be successful. His sireline is sneaky potent - Storm Cat mixes SO well with other lines out there...Distorted Humor/Smart Strike/UBS etc plus the chance to start linebreeding back to him gives you something like Lady Aurelia.
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Re: Justify vs AP at stud

Postby Somnambulist » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:26 am

To gush I really did just love to watch AP gallop. It was so fluid I felt hypnotized watching it. I hope I never lose my memory... watching him run by with some coffee in my hand is such a nice memory.

Treve, if he loses once or twice going forward I still feel like they can get away from it. I definitely don't know as much as a lot of you here but Scat Daddy's loss is so fresh and I think they could get the play off that. Who knows.

As an aside I really miss those conformation clinics we used to have on here. I learned so much.
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