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Postby Treve » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:20 pm

To answer those questions accurately you'd need more information than what we currently have on hand, I think. V might have some interesting insights?
And of course, the answer would vary anyway, depending on the accountant as stark said, or your CEO and racing managers, heh.

But what I mean by missing info is for example... buying into a small piece... how much money (if any) is he expected to pony up for the horse's training and upkeep? Vet care and/or treatments in the event of illness or injury? How much of the share does he get from earnings? How much does he get when selling a horse or striking a stallion deal?

On the surface it does seem like it could be a decent strategy since you're not sinking a huge chunk of money in one single horse... if something happens to said horse, you have others to fall back on, you're not putting all your eggs in the same basket, and I'm assuming that you're doing that at a fraction of the cost of buying 50 of 600k+ yearlings or 2yos in training. Likewise when something does happen to a horse he's likely not bearing the full weight of the cost on his own. He might not be making a ton of money but I don't know if he's losing a ton either. (And quite frankly it's difficult to know without knowing the full details of his arrangements). I mean from a stock market perspective would you invest everything you have in a single thing or company? Or would you invest in gold, streaming, luxury tech etc. and within those, are you gonna for example just buy a lot of Apple shares or are you gonna get a few of those as well as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Sony, Samsung etc.?

It's highly possible that if he does this primarily for the thrill of the winner's circle it doesn't even matter to him if he doesn't do much beyond break even to continue investing in this expensive hobby. You'd have to ask him what his endgame is.
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Re: Sol Kumin

Postby stark » Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:34 am

thinair wrote:There's one person that's happy, that's for sure. The shocking thing is that he's not in that picture.

Waited patiently, so who is it, we've just got to know!
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