Harlington babies

Re: Harlington babies

Postby serenassong » Wed May 31, 2017 6:42 pm

Lightnin Fast Girl was second http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA5.pdf
Harlington Night was third http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA4.pdf
Argyle Cut was second http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA2.pdf
Itsallaboutyou Won! the John Wayne Stakes by a nose, completes the hat trick http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA8.pdf
Oxley Gap was 3rd http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA2.pdf
Change Anything was 9th
Calex was 4th, threw head at the start
PartyofthePatio Won! by 2 1/2, claimed http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17CAN7.pdf
Destrozar was 6th
Coniah was second in the G2 Monrovia Stakes http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA7.pdf
TooFastforLove was 5th
Devilish Grin was 2nd http://www.equibase.com/static/chart/pd ... 17USA9.pdf
Mulberry O/O the GR Mare Flora and Fauna was 4th
Whats in a Name was 4th
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Re: Harlington babies

Postby Sparrow Castle » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:32 pm

Calex (Harlington - Compassionate by Housebuster) got his picture taken today, and he was claimed. Nice looking horse.
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