Senate voting to brutally maim/torture the wild horses

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Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:44 am

So the Senate Interior Committee is voting tomorrow if its okay to sterilize the wild horses. By gelding the colts and stallions and ripping the ovaries out of the fillies and mares in the field and immediately releasing them. There are videos of the procedure, if you want to be mentally scarred for the rest of your life. They use no anesthesia, give the horses no antibiotics, they honestly put the mares/jennies in a cattle chute, make an incision in their vagina wall, put a chain around their ovaries, rip them out and release the mare. Most likely to die from bleeding or infection. They did a test of the procedure on 1 mare and 4 burro jennies. The mare and one of the jennies died, while the other 3 only survived after intense vet care.

They want to use these on the wild horses of America. I'm finding it hard to bring my thoughts to words because they are so harsh. It would be far kinder to just shoot the horses.

WARNING!!!!! The video at this link is terrifying, awful, brutal, etc. ... rilization

I really like following the wild horses. I can't believe people are even thinking of doing this, what kind of sick individual even came up with the idea to do this??? Our government is so messed up in so many ways. How is torturing animals a thing that is allowed to be voted on by the Senate???
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