3 horse racing report topics...which one works?

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Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:14 am

Hi everyone!

I am taking a certificate to beef up my resume since it wasn't as current as I'd like and the current course towards it is asking for a report to be submitted. I need to come up with a topic by the weekend and, for the life of me, cannot think of one. I read through the discussion forum and a lot of people seem to be picking topics that are related to work in some form or another. Since I've just worked a good solid 4 weeks of more than 10 hour days for quarter end, that is the LAST topic I want to pick. NOTHING work related. The thought of it gives me hives lol!

I would like to report on something that is related to my hobby - horses! Either racing, hunter/jumper, learning to ride, etc. Make it fun so it's not so painful to do! I know there are some hot areas here like drugs and racing, closing tracks, etc., so thought I'd poll the audience since there are many pro's and people here that maybe could help me out.

Here are the details I was given; as you can see, I am also hoping I might be able to "interview" some of you when I do pick a topic. :) ANY help you can give would be great. I'm really struggling with this. :)

* validate a perspective
* identify a problem
* suggest innovations or changes

The topic must be able to be researched at two levels:

1. from a local level using a questionnaire and interviews (primary research)
2. from a general perspective using the Internet and periodical databases (secondary research)

The report asks that you identify an individual or specific group (not a general group, like the population of London, for example) for whom the report will add value to a situation within particular circumstances.

The scope of the report should be such that it can be researched and written within a four to six week time frame.
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Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:16 pm

* I don't know if I have a "fun" topic to suggest, but I would like to compliment you on your writing skills. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and descriptive language are all exemplary. It should make your report an easy read when you are so organized and concise.
* As far as subject, I don't know where you live, but do your local police or sheriffs have mounted patrols? You could examine how law enforcement uses mounted officers, where they get their horses (off-the-track TBs?), how they train them, how they educate the officers who ride and care for the animals and the unique challenges the horses face in their work.
Good luck.
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Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:20 pm

Why, thank you! That was without trying too lol! I imagine I will be triple checking this report for everything when it's ready! :)

We do actually have a mounted division. They had a 2 year pilot and were approved for good last July. I believe there are two horses - King & Watson - with maybe a 3rd added lately. Good idea!

Think I have 2 ideas now. This and something around synthetic vs. dirt (thanks MT!). I will see how they compare against the criteria and come back here. I imagine I'm going to need some more help along this ride lol! :)

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Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:33 pm

Hi all,

Okay, so I've narrowed down my choice of topics to three:

1 - some kind of report on why the TC hasn't been won in a loooong time
2 - some kind of report on dirt vs. synthetic
3 - some kind of report on ban drugs in NA racing

They are sort of broad at the moment, and my first assignment is to see if the topic I select is feasible (using the criteria below). Somehow I have to make it work locally and globally - my closest home track would be Woodbine (already using Polytrack).

Anyone able to help? Like if I selected the first option, would my "Client" be the Jockey Club?
I really wish I could take something I wrote in college and submit that lol! I really don't want to resort to anything work related either. I'll poke my eyes out. Seriously.

Thank you...I appreciate any help & will share whatever I end up writing (if I pass lol)!


Please include the Questions with your answers. Use the following scale to rate the feasibility for each component that has a part (b):

(1) Very Feasible
(2) Somewhat Feasible
(3) Haven't really thought about it
(4) Not very feasible
(5) Not feasible at all

1. Tentative Topic Description / Scope

a) Describe your topic in the following way:

(i) What are you investigating and (ii) the specific scope of your research (i.e. name of the group you will be collecting local research from)

2. Background / Situation

(a) Describe your interest in, and/or the circumstances that surround, a specific, local situation, problem or opportunity for the group you have identified in your scope in such a way that I understand the specific issue you want to investigate. DO NOT INDICATE WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE WITH THE INVESTIGATION.

(b) Rate the feasibility of adding value to this situation:

3. Objective(s) of the Investigation

(a) Describe the objective(s) your report will seek to achieve (NOT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF RECOMMENDATIONS IN YOUR REPORT ARE IMPLEMENTED); in other words what be will your report be investigating

(b) Rate the feasibility of completing this investigation and addressing these objectives in 4-6 weeks:

4. Client

(a) Who (it must be a specific person -- i.e. to whom you would [in theory] send your report once completed; you can use titles and/or pseudo-names to protect identity if you want, but you must explain who this person is -- i.e. title or role) would directly benefit the information in your report.

(b) Feasibility that this person would recognize you specifically as qualified to conduct this investigation and write a report:

5. Rationale / Benefits

(a) Describe what value you would add to the information that already exists about this topic?

(b) Feasibility that your client would agree with the value of these benefits:

6. Scope of Primary or Local Research

(a) You must prepare a questionnaire and conduct a survey of a specific group of people for your final report

(i) what is the TOTAL number of people (approximately) in the group you have identified as the report benefiting?

(ii) approximately within that group do you hope to survey within that group?

(iii) how will you select the people to survey and administer the survey?
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Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:24 pm

Personally, I'd go with #2 or #3. Trying to answer the question of why we haven't had a Triple Crown winner since the 70s is something that has stumped every pro in the horse racing industry.
Unless you want to feel like Sisyphus, you may want to pick a different topic.
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Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:09 am

I have another horse related topic that might meet your criteria, how therapeutic riding improves the lives of people with disabilities particularly autism.

Just a thought
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I kinda like the whole Dirt versus Poly thing myself.
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I agree that topics 2 and 3 are better options.
The first is incredibly subjective, whereas with the others you would in all probability be able to cite objective data.
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