Liam Neeson defends NYC Carriage Horse industry

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Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:51 pm

Not New York, but:
OLD TOWN — A suspicious fire that destroyed 13 horse carriages in Old Town earlier this month has been ruled an arson, Chicago Police confirmed Monday.

Following a lengthy investigation at the former Noble Horse Theater, police handed the case over to the FBI. ... estigating

Found the above on FB page that has more links: ... 1347578859

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If the anti-carriage factions thought that objective research would back them up, they're out of luck. ... re-horses/
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Loos Tales for April 16, 2015 NYC Mayor de Blasio speak in Omaha and talks about the wealthy over the working class as a problem. Yet he wants to eliminate horse/carriage owners, the working class. ... 0_27-07_00
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Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:24 pm

There has been a deal made to settle the 'question' of Central Park's carriage horses. ... tral-park/
My take-away:
1) The new 'deal' allows the carriage horses to continue to work, supposedly out of a yet-to-be-built new stable, which one hopes will be a nice new barn, with airy, spacious stalls. There will also be time limits for how long a horse can work in a day. That's nice, but...
2) The new barn will only house 75 horses, with the number of licensed horses cut to 95, instead of 180. So, nearly 100 horses will be out of a job, homeless, and likely at risk of being trucked to Canada. :( :evil: And I wonder how many carriage owners will be squeezed out of their profession?
3) The developers get their hands on that prime real estate that the present stables are sitting on, so the money they have been spending on lobbyists to pressure the mayor has been well-spent.
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The real stink of the deal was that the stables to be built in the park hadn't been approved yet, so the industry would have been blindly believing that they'd be taken care of in that regard, and that the city wouldn't turn right around and tell them to get out once the original stables were sold. Furthermore, the reduced number of horses would have meant fewer board payments to the current stable owners, which would have pressured them to sell the stables before the promised one in CP was built. It was never a deal to save the carriage horses, it was a plot to end them.

de Blasio is still pushing to move this bill through. Of course he is, the real estate mongol who paid him off demands it.
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well, this'll give those against carriage horses some fire. the horse seems to be fine though so maybe not?
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At least Goldie knew the way home ;)
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