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Sparrow Castle wrote:
mariasmon wrote:
Ballerina wrote:mariasmon - thanks for assembling all this info. Labor intensive for sure.
Slow season at work 8-)
Thanks from me too!
And thanks from me!
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Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:22 pm

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Tapestry (IRE) --> American Pharoah
Theyskens' Theory --> Uncle Mo
Truly Together --> Uncle Mo

Understudy (1/2 to Oscar Performance) --> Munnings
Unrivaled Belle --> Tapit

Vassar (dam of Stormy Liberal) --> Uncle Mo
Victory Party (1/2 to Into Mischief, Beholder) --> Classic Empire
Visions of Clarity (IRE) (dam of Pathfork) --> American Pharoah
Vulcan Rose (dam of Flameaway) --> Tapit

War Flag --> Tapit
Where's Bailey (dam of She's Not Here) --> Munnings
Wild Forest (dam of Paradise Woods) --> Tapit

Yahilwa --> Tapit

Zaftig --> Tapit
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Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:54 pm

American Story (dam of American Gal) --> Tapit
Awesome d'Oro (IRE) (family of Urban Sea) --> Empire Maker

Birdatthewire --> Uncle Mo

Fast Cookie (dam of Frosted) --> Tapit

My Tina (dam of Midnight Storm) --> American Pharoah

Nonna Mia (dam of Outwork) --> Uncle Mo

Revealed (dam of Belle Gallantey) --> Empire Maker

Seeking Gabrielle (dam of Nyquist) --> Uncle Mo
Stormy Sunday (dam of Hansen) --> Arrogate

Winning Call (dam of Tapizar) --> Anchor Down

Zo Impressive --> Uncle Mo
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Sparrow Castle
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mariasmon wrote:Truly Together --> Uncle Mo
War Flag --> Tapit
Woohoo, was hoping I'd see these two here! Nice to have a good reason to take horses out of my stable for a change...break this roll of back luck.
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Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:34 pm

Abaco --> Uncle Mo
Adeste Fideles (o/o Imagine) --> American Pharoah
Afleet Maggi (dam of Dream Tree) --> Uncle Mo
African Jade (dam of Lord Nelson) --> Uncle Mo

Bar of Gold --> Tapit
Binya (GER) --> Declaration of War
Bow Bells (o/o Marylebone) --> American Pharoah

Cali Star --> Tapit
Caxambas Pass (1/2 to Point of Entry, Pine Island) --> Uncle Mo
Charming N Lovable (dam of Fault) --> Tapit
Chit Chatter (dam of I'm a Chatterbox) --> Uncle Mo
Cry and Catch Me --> Uncle Mo
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Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:13 pm

Dancinginherdreams --> Classic Empire
Double Tapped (full to Untapable) --> Empire Maker
Dragon Army (1/2 to A.P. Indian) --> Empire Maker

Ellie's Moment (dam of Time and Motion) --> Declaration of War

Genre --> Uncle Mo
Gilt (1/2 to Exchange Rate) --> American Pharoah
Gioia Stella (1/2 Nereid) --> Tapit
Golden Velvet --> Uncle Mo
Grand Prayer (dam of Malibu Prayer, Valid) --> Uncle Mo
Guapaza (CHI) --> Empire Maker

Heavenly Romance (JPN) (dam of Lani) --> Uncle Mo
Hillaby --> Tapit
Honouring (1/2 to Streaming) --> Tapit

I Like to Whim (full to New Money Honey) --> Tapit
I'll Take Charge (o/o Take Charge Lady) --> Tapit
Imagine (IRE) --> American Pharoah
It's Tea Time --> Empire Maker
Ivory Empress (dam of McCraken) --> Empire Maker

Jenny's So Great --> Practical Joke

Lazy Susan (1/2 to Last Full Measure) --> Tapit
Light Jig (GB) --> Munnings
Lisa T (1/2 to Super Saver) --> Uncle Mo
Lunar Evening (1/2 to Hymn Book) --> Uncle Mo
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:18 am

Marketing Mix --> Tapit
Mayan Milagra (dam of Dancinginherdreams) --> Tapit
Miss Sky Warrior --> American Pharoah
Morena (PER) (dam of Creator) --> Tapit
Moth (IRE) --> American Pharoah
My Friend C Z (o/o Glitter Woman) --> Verrazano

Native Strike (o/o Pure Clan) --> Empire Maker
Nonna Mia (dam of Outwork) --> Uncle Mo
Northern Passion --> Classic Empire

Ondine --> Tapit

Plaid (dam of Senior Investment) --> Declaration of War
Princesa Silvia (1/2 to Saint Liam, etc.) --> Tapit

Receivership (dam of Palace) --> Karakontie
Redheads Rule (1/2 to Little Mike) --> Empire Maker
Refugee (dam of Hoppertunity, Executiveprivilege) --> American Pharoah
Regalo Mia --> Air Force Blue
Rule One (dam of Diversify) --> Tapit

Sea of Showers --> Karakontie
Sloane Square (o/o Marylebone) --> Uncle Mo
Solo Piano --> Uncle Mo
Stonetastic --> American Pharoah
Successful Outlook (dam of Sweet Lulu, etc) --> Tapit
Summer Frolic (1/2 to Lewis Bay, etc.) --> Classic Empire
Susie's Baby (1/2 to Caravaggio, etc.) --> Tapit
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:35 am

Snow Fall --> Empire Maker
Sweet Bernardini (o/o Sweet Catomine) --> Uncle Mo
Streaker (1/2 to Point of Entry, Pine Island) --> American Pharoah
Swingit --> American Pharoah

Talkin and Singing (dam of Danzing Candy) --> Uncle Mo
Tapicat --> Uncle Mo
Thrilled --> American Pharoah
Tiger Ride --> Tapit
Tocco (1/2 to Coil, Chiropractor) --> Classic Empire
Touching Beauty --> Empire Maker
Treasuring --> Tapit

Unappeased (IRE) (3/4 to Sligo Bay) --> Carpe Diem

Victorious Ami --> Tapit

Walk Close --> Uncle Mo
Wedding Toast --> Tapit
Wickedly Wise (dam of Wickedly Perfect) --> Tapit
Willet --> American Pharoah
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:51 am

Afternoon (o/o Acoma) --> Air Force Blue
Ain't She Sweet (full to Sweet Catomine, Life Is Sweet) --> Tapit
All For Georgia (1/2 to U S Ranger) --> Classic Empire
Asscher (1/2 to Lord Nelson) --> Classic Empire
Atala (3/4 to Aldiza) --> Empire Maker
Avena (1/2 to Shackleford, etc.) --> Uncle Mo

Be Fair --> Practical Joke
Believe in Charlie --> American Pharoah
Brandenburg (o/o Rare Blend) --> American Pharoah
Bridal Memories (dam of Hawkish) --> Vancouver

Chattertown (dam of Laoban) --> Empire Maker

Dancing Trieste (dam of Giovanni Boldini) --> American Pharoah

Emphatically --> American Pharoah

Indy Groove --> Uncle Mo

Judy B (1/2 to Into Mischief, Beholder) --> Air Force Blue

Mexican Gold --> Arrogate

Renee's Titan --> Classic Empire

Secret Agenda (o/o Smuggler) --> Air Force Blue
Sweet Mariage (1/2 to Ashado, etc.) --> American Pharoah

Wake Me Up (1/2 to Hansen) --> Cupid
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:17 pm

Belief in Me (TUR) (1/2 to Shared Belief) --> American Pharoah
Birdie Birdie (dam of Free Rose) --> Empire Maker
Blue Garter (o/o Wandering Star) --> Cupid
Bold Quality --> Classic Empire
Brooklynsway --> Uncle Mo

Cheery (dam of Elate) --> Uncle Mo
City Sister --> Uncle Mo

Divine Elegance --> Tapit

Escultura (o/o Chimichurri) --> Empire Maker

Lemarchos (1/2 to Celestine) --> Uncle Mo
London Bid (o/o Islington) --> Declaration of War
Lunar Surge --> American Pharoah

Mrs. Boss (BRZ) --> Tapit
Much Obliged --> Uncle Mo

Our Georgia (1/2 to U S Ranger) --> Declaration of War

Sequel (full to A.P. Adventure) --> Empire Maker
Soaring Emotions (dam of Souper Colossal --> Empire Maker
Sunlight Cat (1/2 to Moreno) --> American Pharoah
Swoop and Strike --> American Pharoah
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:01 pm

A Drop Dead Diva (1/2 to Bubbler) --> Tapizar
Advance Party (full to Acoma/half to Arch) --> Practical Joke
Adventure (dam of Laughing Lashes) --> Mastery
Alpha Mama (dam of Alpha Kitten) --> American Pharoah
Androeah (full to Archarcharch) --> Classic Empire
Appealing Storm (dam of Vacare) --> Uncle Mo
Auntie Sparkles (o/o Andujar) --> Empire Maker

Bel Air Beauty --> First Samurai
Bend (dam of Clearly Now, Bendable) --> Flatter
Bending Strings --> American Pharoah
Book Review --> Empire Maker
Bootery (dam of Neck n Neck) --> Arrogate
Burmilla --> Uncle Mo

Cat's Fair (dam of Crisp) --> American Pharoah
Centerville (o/o Alphabet Kisses) --> Den's Legacy

Danette --> Uncle Mo
Delightful Mary --> Uncle Mo
Don't Leave Me --> Uncle Mo
Dust It (o/o Downthedustyroad) --> Anchor Down

Egyptian Queen (dam of Global View) --> Tapit
Elusive Bird (o/o Bird Town) --> Arrogate
Emanating (dam of Boisterous) --> Shanghai Bobby
Enthused --> Karakontie
Euphony --> Trappe Shot

Firefly (1/2 to La Traviata) --> Arrogate
First Passage --> Tapit
Flashy Frolic (dam of Mokat, etc.) --> Mizzen Mast
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Afternoon Sunlight (IRE) (1/2 to Casual Conquest) --> Dubawi
Albasharah (1/2 to White Moonstone) --> Dubawi
Alice Springs (IRE) --> Dubawi
Alina (IRE) (dam of Barney Roy) --> Dubawi
Aneen (IRE) (1/2 to Awtaad) --> Dubawi
Asheerah (GB) (dam of Awtaad) --> Dubawi

Balladeuse (FR) (dam of Left Hand) --> Dubawi
Beautiful Romance (GB) --> Dubawi
Big Break (GB) (full to Famous Name) --> Dubawi
Birjand (GB) (dam of Lucky Nine) --> Dubawi
Blond Me (IRE) --> Dubawi
Born Wild (GER) (dam of Baltic Baroness) --> Dubawi
Bracelet (IRE) --> Dubawi
Bright Beacon (GB) (1/2 to Masked Marvel) --> Dubawi

Chicquita (IRE) --> Dubawi
Cocktail Queen (IRE) --> Dubawi
Contribution (GB) (1/2 to Enable) --> Dubawi
Coplow (GB) (dam of Billesdon Brook) --> Dubawi
Cover Song (1/2 to Roll Poly, etc) --> Dubawi
Cushion (GB) (o/o Attraction) --> Dubawi

Danedream (GER) --> Dubawi
Dank (GB) --> Dubawi
Dar Re Mi (GB) --> Dubawi
Dubai Rose (GB) (dam of The Juliet Rose) --> Dubawi

Entertainment (GB) (1/2 to Debussy) --> Dubawi
Epitome (IRE) (dam of Ultra) --> Dubawi
Ervedya (FR) --> Dubawi
Everglades (GB) (family of Masar) --> Dubawi

Fiesolana (IRE) --> Dubawi
Filia Regina (GB) --> Dubawi
First Victory (IRE) (1/2 to Thunder Snow) --> Dubawi
Flying Cloud (IRE) --> Dubawi

Gaterie (1/2 to Dartmouth) --> Dubawi
Gonbarda (GER) --> Dubawi

Halay (GB) (1/2 to Dartmouth) --> Dubawi
Hibaayeb (GB) --> Dubawi
How (IRE) (full to Minding) --> Dubawi

Inner Secret (1/2 to Dubai Destination) --> Dubawi
Intricately (IRE) --> Dubawi

Jacqueline Quest (IRE) --> Dubawi
Jazzi Top (GB) --> Dubawi
Justlookdontouch (IRE) (1/2 to Islington) --> Dubawi

Kazziana (GB) (o/o Kazzia) --> Dubawi
Kissed (IRE) (1/2 to Pour Moi) --> Dubawi
Kissed By Angels (IRE) (full to Minding) --> Dubawi

Linda Radlett (IRE) (1/2 to Hunter's Light) --> Dubawi
Local Time (GB) --> Dubawi
Look At Me (IRE) (family of Cliffs of Moher) --> Dubawi

Memory (IRE) (dam of Call To Mind) --> Dubawi
Monday Show (dam of Usherette) --> Dubawi
Montare (IRE) --> Dubawi
Moonlight Cloud (GB) --> Dubawi

Nahrain (GB) --> Dubawi
Nightime (IRE) (dam of Zhukova) --> Dubawi

Pavlenko (JPN) (full to Saxon Warrior) --> Dubawi
Perihelion (IRE) (dam of Qualify) --> Dubawi
Pleascach (IRE) --> Dubawi
Plumania (GB) --> Dubawi
Provenance (GB) (1/2 to Integral) -->Dubawi

Qualify (IRE) --> Dubawi
Queen's Trust (GB) --> Dubawi

Really Special (GB) (1/2 to Wild Illusion) --> Dubawi
Rizeena (IRE) --> Dubawi
Romantica (GB) --> Dubawi
Rumh (GER) (dam of Wild Illusion) --> Dubawi

Seal of Approval (GB) --> Dubawi
Secret Gesture (GB) --> Dubawi
Seventh Heaven (IRE) --> Dubawi
Shawanda (IRE) --> Dubawi
Silk Sari (GB) --> Dubawi
Solemia (IRE) --> Dubawi
Soon (IRE) --> Dubawi
Speirbhean (IRE) (dam of Teofilo) --> Dubawi
Starlet's Sister (IRE) (dam of Sistercharlie) --> Dubawi

Taranto (GB) (dam of Territories) --> Dubawi
Trophee (FR) (1/2 to Treve) --> Dubawi

Very Special (IRE) --> Dubawi
Villarrica (granddam of Masar) --> Dubawi

Waldlerche (GB) (dam of Waldgeist) --> Dubawi
Was (IRE) --> Dubawi
Wellenspiel (GER) (dam of Weltstar and Windstross) --> Dubawi

Yummy Mummy (GB) (dam of Legatissimo) --> Dubawi

Zhukova (IRE) --> Dubawi
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Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:55 pm

Game for More (dam of Isotherm) --> Giant's Causeway
Gap Year (o/o Dubai Escapade) --> Uncle Mo
Gracie Square (1/2 to War Front) --> Uncle Mo
Graeme Six --> Tapit

Hessonite --> Uncle Mo
Hot Summer --> Uncle Mo

Ideal Image (dam of Sassy Image) -> Empire Maker
In Tune --> Uncle Mo
Inspeight of Us (1/2 to Mongolian Saturday, Daddys Lil Darling) --> Empire Maker

Jay At Nine (o/o A.P. Adventure) --> Trappe Shot

Kauai Katie --> Uncle Mo
Kissin Rene (dam of Silver Max) --> Cupid

Polar River --> Uncle Mo
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:31 am

Afleet Alexsis (full to Afleet Alex) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Aldebaran Light (dam of Eskendereya) --> More Than Ready
Ask the Moon --> More Than Ready

Baghdaria --> Distorted Humor
Better Lucky --> Pioneerof the Nile
Bryan's Jewel --> Speightstown
Byrama (GB) --> Bodemeister

Chase the Storm (o/o Island Fashion) --> Outwork
Cotton Blossom --> More Than Ready
Criminologist --> Pioneerof the Nile

Dream Rush --> Pioneerof the Nile

Easy Slam (dam of Kitten Kaboodle) --> Bernardini
Emma's Encore --> Pioneerof the Nile
Emotional Kitten --> Speightstown
Empathy N Respect (o/o Better Than Honour) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Eskenformoney --> More Than Ready
Essentia (1/2 to Big Brown) --> Carpe Diem
Evrobi (dam of Tell a Kelly) --> Exaggerator
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:10 pm

Feathered --> Pioneerof the Nile
Flower Forest (dam of Bullards Alley, Nessy) --> Distorted Humor
Freedom (1/2 to Hoppertunity, Executiveprivilege) --> Carpe Diem
Funny Feeling --> Carpe Diem
Fitzrovia (o/o Marylebone) --> Exaggerator

Gabriellestoblame (1/2 to Nyquist) --> More Than Ready
Gold n Shaft (dam of My Boy Jack) --> Speightstown
Gold Serenade (o/o Serena's Song) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Grand Glory (dam of Banree, Gloryzapper) --> Pioneerof the Nile

Halo Humor (dam of Practical Joke) --> Bodemeister
Harmonize --> More Than Ready
Healthy Addiction --> Tiznow
Home Sweet Aspen --> Exaggerator
Hooh Why --> Speightstown

Intangaroo --> Pioneerof the Nile

Jojo Warrior --> Speightstown
Jump On In --> Exaggerator
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:10 pm

La Cloche --> Tiznow
Lady Shakespeare --> More Than Ready
Life at Ten --> Ghostzapper
Life Is Sweet --> Pioneerof the Nile

Magnificience --> Distorted Humor
Mini Chat (dam of Dixie Chatter, etc) --> Carpe Diem
Miss Shop --> Pioneerof the Nile

One Hot Wish --> Distorted Humor

Perfect Shirl --> More Than Ready

Questing (GB) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Quickest (dam of Callback) --> Pioneerof the Nile

Rachel's Valentina --> Pioneerof the Nile
Ready’s Gal --> Distorted Humor
Rosalind --> Speightstown

Samantha Nicole --> Distorted Humor
Savvy Supreme --> Pioneerof the Nile
Sealy Hill --> Distorted Humor
Shandra Smiles (dam of She's a Tiger, Smiling Tiger) --> Carpe Diem
Summerly --> Exaggerator
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:25 pm

Ask the Question (dam of Heart to Heart) --> Arrogate
Avila Road (full to Quality Road) --> Distorted Humor

Call Pat --> Pioneerof The Nile
Christie Village (1/2 to Take Charge Lady) --> Super Saver
Classic Strike (dam of Union Strike, Handsome Mike) --> Pioneerof The Nile

Disposablepleasure --> Speightstown
Dream Spinner (1/2 to Curalina) --> Empire Maker

Flying Passage (dam of Hungry Island, etc.) --> More Than Ready
For Royalty (dam of Constellation) --> Tapit

Innovative Idea --> Pioneerof The Nile

Latin Lynx (dam of Sean Avery) --> Bodemeister
Leah's Secret --> Exaggerator

Mezah (1/2 to Mine That Bird, Dullahan) --> Bodemeister
Missy Turtle (dam of Havana) --> Speightster

Tensas Wedding Joy (dam of Big World) --> More Than Ready
Toasting --> Pioneerof The Nile

Untouched Talent (dam of Bodemeister) --> Pioneerof The Nile

With Honors --> Tapit
Wile Cat (o/o Strategic Maneuver) --> Pioneerof The Nile
Wonderful (IRE) (full to Magician) --> Pioneerof The Nile
Wynning Ride (dam of Sporting Chance) --> Pioneerof The Nile

Xtra Heat --> Outwork

Yell --> Distorted Humor
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Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:56 pm

American Girl (IRE) (1/2 to Lush Lashes) --> Fed Biz
Amie's Dini --> Exaggerator
Apiary (1/2 to Frosted) --> More Than Ready
Aquitaine --> Practical Joke

Be My Prospect (dam of Cat Burglar) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Beautician --> Bodemeister
Bedford Land --> More Than Ready
Bernadreamy (o/o Dream Empress) --> Daredevil
Betty's Solutions (dam of Include Betty) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Boat's Ghost (dam of Finnegan's Wake) --> More Than Ready
Bobbie Use (dam of Starship Truffles) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Boodles --> Pioneerof the Nile
Brienza (o/o Arienza) --> More Than Ready
Business Plan (dam of Golden Ticket) --> Pioneerof the Nile

C C's Pal --> Pioneerof the Nile
C Note (1/2 to Dance Card, etc.) --> Bodemeister
Cash Control --> More Than Ready
Chic Dancer (dam of Her Emmynency) --> More Than Ready
Chocolate Pop (dam of Airoforce) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Citiview (dam of Midnight Lucky) --> Super Saver
Classic Point --> Distorted Humor
Coming Attraction (3/4 to Parading) --> Distorted Humor
Count to Three (dam of Ransom the Moon) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Courtly Choice (dam of Wild Dude) --> Pioneerof the Nile
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Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:39 pm

Above the Mien (1/2 to Big Brown) --> Tourist

Executricker (dam of Hilda's Passion) --> Distorted Humor

R Gypsy Gold --> Pioneerof the Nile
Rather Special (IRE) (o/o Rags to Riches) --> Uncle Mo
Rattataptap --> Super Saver
Reach the Stars (IRE) (1/2 to Escena) --> Distorted Humor
Receipt (dam of Feathered) --> Bodemeister
Regia Marina (1/2 to Midshipman) --> Speightstown
Renda (dam of Rock Fall) --> Speightstown
Rite Moment --> Congrats
River Maid --> Uncle Mo
Roman Mistress (1/2 to Stay Thirsty) --> Classic Empire
Rubindy (1/2 to Red Ruby, etc.) --> Pioneerof the Nile

Scarlet Strike -> Uncle Mo
Scat Means Go --> American Pharoah
Settling Mist (dam of Tonalist) --> Super Saver
Silk or Satin (1/2 to Joking) --> Distorted Humor
Sindy With an S --> Tapit
Single Solution --> Uncle Mo
Sluice (dam of Mushka) --> Exaggerator
Snooze (1/2 to Imagining) --> Carpe Diem
Sound the Trumpets (o/o My Flag) --> Pioneerof the Nile
Southern Ring --> Uncle Mo
Spirit of Wailea (dam of El Deal) --> Outwork
Steely Magnolia (1/2 to Stopchargingmaria) --> American Pharoah
Steidle (1/2 to Princess of Sylmar) --> Super Saver
Stiffed --> Pioneerof the Nile
Storm Mesa --> He's Had Enough
Stoweshoe (full to Taris) --> American Pharoah
Street Love (full to Capo Bastone) --> Cupid

Terra Promessa --> Uncle Mo
Tiztalented (1/2 to Bodemeister) --> Pioneerof the Nile

Unacloud (dam of Overanalyze) --> Distorted Humor
Uptown Twirl --> Pioneerof the Nile

Venus Valentine --> Pioneerof the Nile

Wake Me Up (1/2 to Hansen) --> Cupid
Wandering Star --> Declaration of War
Well Humored (1/2 to American Patriot) --> Speighstown
Wend --> Fed Biz
West Coast Belle --> Distorted Humor
Wicked Deed (dam of My Miss Lilly, Just Wicked) --> Tapit

You Bought Her --> Distorted Humor
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