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sweettalk wrote:a longshot or two is fun. a longshot in almost every race, with the stars well behind, is not fun at all.
Exactly. I was going to mention this yesterday but didn't want to drift. Since your post relates to it, I'll go ahead: The Breeders Cup this year reminded me of the world track and field championships from this August. Highly anticipated but there was one bizarre result after another. Not just unlikely. Bizarre. The guy who came in last in the Rio Olympic 200 meter final ended up winning the world championships this year.

Eventually it was just too much. Other than the great women's steeplechase when Americans went 1-2 in astonishing fashion the event was considered a huge flop. Usain Bolt bombed out in his final career races just like Arrogate bombed out. The event was panned on all the major track and field forums.

This Breeders Cup was just like that, except it didn't have the one memorable race to fall back on. Snooze city.

I went to school at USC in the '80s and frequently made the trek to Hollywood Park. That track fit everything I look for as a handicapper. Mostly speed but even targeted closers made sense and would come through. Santa Anita was never as kind but I could deal with it.

Then I quickly despised Del Mar. I'll always despise Del Mar. As I wrote somewhere here it's more like bouncing or hopping than running. Once I finally found Saratoga in the mid '90s I couldn't believe I had wasted so many decades before heading there. Great reasonable priced golf nearby and racing in the afternoon. Racing that made sense. I've never found it difficult to handicap. Maybe not Hollywood Park logical, but never feeling cheated like it's being touted as one sport but doesn't resemble that sport at all.

I had to laugh at the tide reports in this thread. That tells you all you need to know about Del Mar.
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