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I consider Simon Holt to be the best commentator in the UK. He was the primary commentator for Channel 4 for years when it was the terrestrial racing channel, and it was such a shame that he wasn't transferred when British racing moved to ITV. He is very eloquent and has a great turn of phrase (without being cliched), but you can also feel his passion when calling races. Sadly not many of his best calls are available on Youtube, but the some that I could find are below.

Kauto Star's record-breaking King George VI Chase win in December 2011. I cried and screamed during this race (as did my poor family caught up in it). My favourite lines are "And Kauto Star is turning the screw! and "He's being roared on!" The race is long by US standards, but I urge you to watch it, it also has some further context in the aftermath.

Likewise, his call of Kauto's fourth Betfair Chase (Grade 1) was so emotional. For context, Kauto was 11 and had under-performed the previous season so many were calling for his retirement. But he returned to put the reigning champion (aged only 6) in his place with the most fantastic display. You can hear the emotion in the racecaller's voice and the screaming from the crowd. Please skip to 2 mins 32 secs and ignore the background music, this is the only version I can find online now:

Simon's call of Frankel's first Sussex Stakes win was brilliant as well, sadly it's not available on Youtube anymore, but I have it saved to my computer.

Sir Peter O'Sullevan was the most celebrated commentator in the UK for decades, many of his calls (jumps and flats) are legendary. My favourite is Desert Orchid's Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1989. For context, Dessie was the nation's darling but hated running left-handed and had always under-performed at Cheltenham. The Gold Cup is the most prestigious jumps race in the UK (far more than the Grand National) and his win was beyond brave.

Another O'Sullevan Classic, Red Rum's third Grand National win at the age of 12. He sums up the occasion perfectly:
Remember me, all men who love the Horse/ If hearts and spirits flag in after days/ Though small, I gave my all. I gave my heart.
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A racecall that went down in history: the 1982 Cox Plate
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Interested to think what people outside of Aus & NZ think of this race the 1986 Cox Plate.

A bit of background: In 1985/86 Bonecrusher (white and brown colours) became the first horse ever to win both the New Zealand Derby and the Australian Derby. Our Waverley Star (green and yellow) was the up and comer challenging the champion Bonecrusher. These two horses were all anyone was talking about before the race.

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