2015 Keeneland November Sale

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Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:30 pm

RuffiantoRags wrote:There are several "known" stallions in the sale. Last night I watched Omega Code (did not sell, reserve $9,000) and Stately Victor sold for I think $60,000.
Today, Blueskiesandrainbows and Imperialism go thru the ring, plus a few other stallion prospects. Usually the last 10 hips of each day are the stallions/stallions prospects.
Along with Pollard's Vision tomorrow are Don Gato, Unbridled Command, and Big Surf (out of Surfside) and a few others.
Blueskiesandrainbows was an out and Imperialism was an RNA ($8,000).
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Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:05 pm

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Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:26 pm

Flanders wrote:I would lean toward physicals but Lady Carolyn went through a sale before and RNAd around $60,000. Miss Euphoria RNA'd at 2014 Keeneland January for $35,000. Dahteste was claimed by Ramsey, I wouldn't think he would claim crooked mares to send to this stallions, but who knows. There had to be a reason. Maybe not enough buyers in that price range or they knew the RNA's were set higher than they would bid?
I would agree that none have good pages but worse ones sold or got bids. But better ones also sold in that price range. Stakes producing daughters of Pulpit and Sadlers Wells sold for under $3,000. On Tuesday there was a Multiple Stakes winning mare, earnings of over $300,000 who had produced 3 winners from 3 starters, including a stakes placed winner and she got no bids.
It could be as simple as the bidders who were there didn't think the mares would fit into their breeding programs. That they weren't right for the stallions they wanted to use or there was another mare they wanted more.
I've come to the conclusion that auctions can be difficult to predict because of the human element. Sometimes horses go for way more than they seem to be worth on paper, because two equally stubborn parties really want that particular horse. Or a horse with nothing particularly wrong with it will not sell, because the people interested in that horse/bloodline/whatever didn't show up, or spent their budget earlier, or went to the bathroom or something. :) I haven't looked at these mares' pages, but at a quick glance they look like mares that don't have much to brag about, but aren't necessarily so hopeless no one wants them. It's just that possibly whoever might want them wasn't there or didn't have the money.
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Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:04 pm

What were the ages of those low selling/non selling mares? And were they open or did they have a spotty foaling rate?

I have seen some incredible 18 year old mares barely get any bids because of age and suspect fertility.

I get sad when I see such mares in the sales. Often they have been good producers for their owners -- but when they reach their high teens they become expendable. :(
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