Racing on the African continent?

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Miss Woodford wrote:
WaquoitNBroadBrush wrote:Lesotho and Namibia make sense as racing nations since both (as Basutoland and Southwest Africa) were South African protectorates at one time.

I think all of the limited number of thoroughbred racing nations in Africa have two colonizing nations in common: England and France. The Spaniards and Portuguese have never been much on racing and besides, they were mostly in Africa to plunder its resources (and people) and ship them off to Spain or Portugal or to other corners of their empires. The English and French seemed to think, "OK, we own this place. Might as well make it seem more like home while we're here."
There is a tradition of native horse racing in most countries though. Wherever there are domestic horses there are horse races - humans are competitive by nature and "my horse is faster than yours" have been fighting words for thousands of years. The Europeans just introduced Thoroughbreds and a formal infrastucture.
Yes abslutely... my father's paternal side comes from an ethnic group known as horse people and thought to have brought horses to Western Africa even prior to the islamic conquests. The name of their people loosely translates to "people of the horse" so horses feature prominently in their culture. They let their horses roam free in their villages for those still living traditionally and have similar fantasias like the North African peoples... You can find unsanctioned racing in most places with a tradition of horses. (Although not all countries have native equestrian traditions... Benin does not for example. Burka Faso, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon all have one or more traditionally equestrian ethnic groups on the other hand. Just really depends but there are more horses in Africa than people realize I think :lol: )

Thanks for the additional info everyone, I am indeed specifically looking for thoroughbreds!
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