The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

Re: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

Postby Sparrow Castle » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:34 am

From Facebook...
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Starting July 16, we will be monitoring and purchasing at the local LA livestock auctions each week, and are pleased to offer what we’re calling “auction services” to all groups who want to help fight the fight in Louisiana, for all horses and all breeds. As everyone knows, it’s terrible when kill buyers obtain these horses, keeping them in deplorable conditions while they await either shipment or online extortion. It is far better for the horses that they be obtained by caring groups at the auctions. We therefore offer our presence at the auctions to other groups to purchase horses BEFORE they are abused in the hands of kill buyers. Groups may raise money for the upcoming auctions and coordinate with us to inspect the horses, do their bidding, and fill their order. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if together we can keep these horses from going through unnecessary abuse by getting them at auction? So to the groups who have been rescuing in LA, to other groups who want to delve into LA to help the horses in the kill buyer hotbed, to groups of friends who want to get together for a good cause, we hope to hear from you, to help you, and to help the horses.
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We will be welcoming Sofia's Nietas (2013 m by Orthodox out of Princess Sofia, by Goodbye Deony) to our program from owner Marsha Lamarche. Like the others we've brought into our program this week in Louisiana, she is boarded at Lora Pitre's Peach Lane Farm while we await a full load to ship to Kentucky.
For those who don't know Lora Pitre, it's estimated that Lora has rehomed thousands of ex-racehorses and other breeds over the past 22 years. Her reputation in Louisiana is excellent and we're so pleased that she is graciously helping us. Sofia's is a good example of the proper care that Pitre gives horses boarded at her farm, as Sofia's has been there recuperating from an injury. Pitre was going to work to rehome Sofia's soon for owner Lamarche, but we were quite willing to bring her to Kentucky and into our program. Thank you Lora and Mrs. Lamarche. She's a very cute girl!
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Re: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

Postby stark » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:25 pm

The Louisiana Racing Commission will hear presentations as part of a “discussion of horse slaughter,” during its July 16 meeting, according to a meeting agenda. Maggi Moss will give a presentation as a representative of the new National Thoroughbred Welfare Organization, founded by owner Rick Porter. Patrick Richmond will give a presentation as a representative of the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association. ... -slaughter
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