California trainer-rescue under investigation for neglect

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California trainer and OTTB rescuer neglected animals in her care. Two found dead, starved to death. Five seized. Equine Avenue, according to the story. The story was on Facebook.

"... What they did find was horrific. Duke, one of the horses Jacques rescued in November 2013 was dead. “I feel shell shocked,” says Alvarado.

According to Brittany Tavalaro, the dead gelding was one of four horses the trainer and self-proclaimed horse rescuer adopted from LA Animal Care and Control. She says she spoke with Sgt. Rachel Montez-Kemp, who is now investigating Jacques, in late November after seeing an online fundraising campaign orchestrated by Jacques for “bailing out pound horses.”

“I warned them. I said please don’t let her take these horses,” says Tavalaro. “Rachel told me I was too late. They were picked up two hours before. I told her they should check on them, because I know they don’t do home checks anymore.”

Tavalaro called after her own bad experience. She says she picked up a pony in November after leaving it with Jacques only three weeks prior, because the mare dropped so much weight. “She’s been doing this awhile.”

Two of the adopted horses have landed back at animal control as part of the five confiscated by officials.

Brown says animal control does adopt out horses, but he could not confirm if Jacques adopted from his organization.

Adoption to racehorse rejects, Jacques is also known for getting horses from movie sets, including the cancelled HBO series LUCK. She and another hunter/jumper trainer took seven between the two of them, according to a 2012 news report..."
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That son of a bitch.
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Despicable. How can people allow an animal to starve, and live with themselves? :(
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